Elon Musk & Bitcoin

Elon Musk has been accused of manipulating the crypto market recently. Frankly speaking, his remarks and tweets do affect the crypto market. Now it can be intentional or unintentional, but manipulation did happen.

Elon Musk himself mentioned that he probably does pump the market but doesn’t dump it. However, probably due to his lack of trading knowledge, he doesn’t understand that dump can also happen when the pump ends or withdraws.

Will Tesla accept bitcoin?

Huge market fluctuations happen in both directions based on this question alone. Will Tesla accept bitcoin as a payment method?

Elon Musk had tweeted confusing remarks about it in the past. He has again tweeted that Tesla is “most likely” to start accepting it as a payment again.

He has himself invested in bitcoin too along with ethereum and dogecoin.

How to buy Crypto using Paypal?

As world is getting along with crypto, it’s becoming easier to buy crypto using various methods. It’s now not only possible to buy crypto currency using paypal, but it’s also pretty easy to do so.

Buy crypto on coinbase using PayPal

Coinbase now allows its users to buy crypto currency using PayPal. For that you have to add your paypal account to the coinbase account.

You don’t need to provide your bank account details to coinbase when you want to pay through paypal. Just good old fashioned paypal based purchasing system.

What is the limit for crypto purchase via paypal on coinbase per day?

Coinbase allows up to 25,000$ added to your coinbase account via paypal per day.

Which countries are allowed to purchase crypto using paypal on coinbase?

Coinbase currently allows puchasing bitcoin or other crypto currency using paypal from these country accounts:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • European union
  • UK

They are planning to expand the list of allowed countries soon too.

Buy crypto directly from Paypal

Now you can also directly buy crypto from Paypal and hold it in your account. You can also use it to pay at online shops where crypto payments are supported.

Currently this option is available for US customers only.

Also note that the paypal crypto support is currently new and will have unexpected features, so make sure that you understand it completely before using it for buying crypto or checking out with bitcoin or any other crypto currency using paypal.

Does paypal tax you on crypto payments?

Note that when you checkout using crypto in paypal, you will be taxed as checking out using crypto is taxable transaction.

Cyber Monday 60% discount on TradingView.com

TradingView just ended their Black Friday sale with massive discounts up to 60% on their premium plan. However, right after the end of BlackFriday sale, tradingview offered CyberMonday sale with same discount for its users.

Cyber Monday discount for crypto trading on TradingView

The annual plans of tradingview with cyber monday discounts are:

Pro plan: 40% discount. The plan was 179.4$ and is now at 108 usd. Which means around 71$ discount. Not only this, you get an extra month too, meaning this plan is for 13 months instead of 12.

Pro+ plan: 50% discount. The plan was 359.4$ and is now at 179 usd, offering you a discount of 180$. This package is also for 13 months instead of one year.

Premium plan: 60% discount. The premium plan costs 719.4$ under normal circumstances. However on cyber monday discount, it will cost you only 288 usd. Which means a discount of $432. The package will last for 13 months instead of only 12 too!

Which TradingView plan should you choose?

This is a really important question. The answer is simple too though! Obviously the best plan is the best one, but is it the right plan for you? To decide which plan you should go for, answer these questions:

  1. Are you a once in a while trader? or do you plan to spend a lot of time watching charts and doing day trading? If you will spend a lot of time trading, then it’s better to have a better and higher end plan at your disposal.
  2. Will you make more money than the package price when you will use it for trading? If yes then go for it! If no, then learn to trade more efficiently first and then hop on to a more expensive plan!


TradingView is one of the best charting tool out there, especially for crypto trading and chart analysis. If you are a serious trader then you should get tradingview plan asap. If you’re waiting for christmas discount, then I would recommend to not wait for it, as this cyber monday discount lasts for 13 months, which means it give you a free month till christmas too and then a year plan after that! So go for it! Besides there’s no surety about the discount that they will offer at christmas too!

Best Crypto Trading Charts

Charts are the most important part of trading. There are several services out there which provide option to view dynamic charts for trading crypto currency. We will discuss the best one in this post.

Best Charts for Crypto Currency Trading

When it comes to trading crypto currency, nothing beats the amazing TradingView.com charts.

tradingview charts

Features of TradingView charts

They provide best charts with some key features like:

  • HTML 5 based charts
  • Work for any device, iphone and android apps, web version, etc.
  • Customised technical analysis for your charts and trading pair
  • Trading builtin to the charts screen
  • Also allow multiple charting screen options, for example 1 to 8 charts on same screen with different indicators and pairs on each etc.

Head over to TradingView.com (referral link) and checkout their pricing plans.

Is NEO coin dead?

Neo started falling with the fall of all crypto currencies earlier this year. However the fall of NEO has been much more than most crypto currencies, bringing it to almost 8% of its peak value this year.

So the question really worries many people who’re still holding (or hodl-ing) NEO coin in their wallets, that “is NEO dead”?

Neo is also called the Ethereum of China. Many people are hopeful for it getting strong from this point and to rise in next couple of years to amazing heights.

However some also debate the flaws in NEO & that it won’t be able to sustain longer.

neo crypto coin

We’re researching on this topic & will be updating this article with the inputs from various crypto analysts & gurus.

Please share your view on the NEO BTC or NEO USD price too. Where do you see neo going?

Why is Bitcoin Falling – 22 Dec 2017

Bitcoin prices have fallen today massively. From nearly 20,000 usd to 12,000 usd so far.

Alt coins such as litecoin, ethereum, ripple and others have fallen too. E.g. ripple fell to almost 0.7 (0.6 usd on some exchanges) from 1.2 and so on.

Now the big question is, why did it fall? My theory (like most others) is related to christmas and holidays. Let me explain how.

Why Bitcoin Falls at Christmas

We had this theory suggested and implemented for some time before the fall. Christmas and holiday season is a trigger for bitcoin price fall .

The reason to this fall is quite obvious. Let me explain.

A common person who owns some bitcoins or any other crypto currency, holds it for profit in future or to buy sell online from websites which support them.

Now imagine a scenario in which you’re an average bitcoin owner. What’s your assumption that how much percentage bitcoin will go up in christmas week? 5% maximum? 10% maximum? Almost that right?

Now imagine that your local store gives a 50% discount on some items that you always wanted to buy. Is 50% profit better or 10%? You got it right!

bitcoin christmas sale

So that’s why general public cashes out bitcoin and goes to do shopping on the christmas sale and to get gifts for their family and loved ones.

Is Wex.nz scam or reliable?

Wex.nz is the re-launched version of btc-e.com

Btc-e.com was banned by US government due to legal issues. The domain is still not available and thus a lot of fuss about it.

A lot of people lost their funds on this exchange. They did return however but not with full quantity. People had to lose more than 30% of their funds and were promised tokens in return, which haven’t reached the value of original coin till now.

So is wex.nz scam? or reliable?

Well honestly, the website is not up to the mark with poor coding and trading practices and codes. This makes it unreliable and non-serious again!

What’s your experience with wex.nz and what’s your review about wex or btc-e?

Is Bitcoin Haram or Halal?

There is a lot of controversy among muslims regarding Bitcoin being halal or haram in Islam (and so for many other cryptocurrencies). In this post, we’ll try to discuss and uncover this topic as much as we can.

bitcoin haram halal

Cryptocurrency vs Bitcoin

Ya I know it’s quite obvious. But most people are too naive and don’t know the difference.

Before jumping to conclusions that is bitcoin haram or halal, we first need to understand the difference between cryptocurrency and bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency is an umbrealla concept which includes many currencies like bitcoin, etherum, ripple, etc.

So if you find any specific crypto currency or coin to be haram or halal, doesn’t mean that all other currencies are haram or halal too.

So cryptocurrency itself is just a currency which is based on a blockchain.

Understanding blockchain will help you understand if it’s halal or haram to use it.

Cryptocurrency vs Trading

Some people who believe trading to be haram consider cryptocurrency to be haram too. Which is inappropriate. Currency is different from it being traded. So we shouldn’t confuse the both.

What’s your opinion and logic about bitcoin being haram or halal? Please let us know via comments.

Cryptocurrency is not backed by any physical value or comodity

Many people give a logic that bitcoin and other crypto currencies are not backed by any physical value like gold, oil or anything else.

Well this is absolutely wrong statement. People who say that have no idea about blockchain or cryptocurrency at all.

Cryptocurrencies are backed by chosen comodities mostly.

E.g. Venezuela launched a government level cryptocurrency backed by oil, calling it petro.

Bitcoin e.g. is backed by service based ledger and various other concepts.

This is a debatable topic.

How to start investing in bitcoin?

Many visitors ask me the question that how can they start investing in cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc.). This post is meant to address that issue and will be updated regularly.

In this post, we’ll see the basic requirements and techniques for safe and profitable to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

How to Start investing in Crypto currency

To start investing, we have to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’re investing the money which you can afford to lose, it’s less likely that you will lose, but you should be prepared for worst
  2. Understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  3. Understand the currency you like e.g. bitcoin or ethereum, and why is it different from others.
  4. Make sure that the currency you’re using it reliable, secure and useful for the world in long run
  5. Learn about crypto currencies wallets and types of wallets
  6. Make sure that you’re entering at the right time, not before a dip, or you’ll be highly disappointed and worried.
  7. Learn chart analysis and trading if you want to be a trader.
  8. Ask for an advice from an expert who is into crypto for long.

Now these were some obvious tips and sequence. However things need much more detailed explanation. I’ll try to explain them in different headings below.

bitcoin investment

How much money to invest in bitcoins?

The amount of money that one should invest in bitcoin, any other cryptocurrency or anything else should be chosen careful.

I know that one feels that if they sell their car, property and everything to go into crypto or any other investment that they consider to be going up, they will benefit a lot.

However, there are risks involved in every type of investment.

So when moving into something new at least, always invest only the amount that you can afford to lose.

Another best way to calculate is that you invest the amount that you can earn from regular income through job or business in 3 months, so that it doesn’t seem like a big burden.

What is blockchain and cryptocurrencies?

Understanding blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a concept is not necessary for someone to use or keep crypto currency or bitcoin. However it’s beneficial.

You can handle and manage the investment easily and in a better way if you know what you’re investing in.

Don’t just follow the herd and crowd and invest in something without knowing its details.

Best way is to youtube for videos related to introduction to blockchain and also for cryptocurrency and you’ll be able to learn a lot. We’ll add our own videos too, but till then check others!

Understand the currency you’re investing in

Once you know about cryptocurrencies. Learn about the famous and best crypto currencies. Once you’ve picked 1 or 2 (3 at max i would suggest), then learn about them. Keep learning and then you can even change you choice if you don’t find it good enough once you’ve read about it.

Never invest in the currency if you don’t know it in detail.

Make sure that the currency you choose is useful and reliable

That’s the most important step before investing in anything. If you’re investing in bitcoin or anything else, make sure that you understand that this thing is useful and needed by the world. If it’s not, then it will fall as soon as the bubble pops. However if it’s genuinely good and useful, it will last!

World’s requirements keep changing. So keep an eye on the usefulness of your invested crypto currency.

Crypto currency Wallets & their types

Cryptocurrency is stored in wallets. Thus read about wallets and types of wallets. So that you can choose the best way and wallet to store and secure your cryptocurrency.

For long term investment, it’s always best to have hardware wallets.

When to enter into crypto world

This is the key for success. Crypto currency keeps fluctuating, sometimes up to 30% or so in price. So if you’ll enter when it’s at peak and about to correct, then you’ll be depressed or confused for a long time, before it reaches back the level you entered.

So get guidance from pros and also do your own assessment and analysis before entering the market.

Learning chart analysis and trading

If you’re into trading and want to learn chart analysis and trade cryptocurrencies then it’s great too. It will help you benefit more from your investment.

However make sure that you don’t lose more money instead of making more. Make it trading, not gambling.

Ask an expert for advice

We can guide you with best of our knowledge. So that you can be part of the successful crypto investors and benefit from our experience and organized strategy.

Please let me know if you have any query or correction for this topic. If you need any help please let me know that too.