Cyber Monday 60% discount on

TradingView just ended their Black Friday sale with massive discounts up to 60% on their premium plan. However, right after the end of BlackFriday sale, tradingview offered CyberMonday sale with same discount for its users.

Cyber Monday discount for crypto trading on TradingView

The annual plans of tradingview with cyber monday discounts are:

Pro plan: 40% discount. The plan was 179.4$ and is now at 108 usd. Which means around 71$ discount. Not only this, you get an extra month too, meaning this plan is for 13 months instead of 12.

Pro+ plan: 50% discount. The plan was 359.4$ and is now at 179 usd, offering you a discount of 180$. This package is also for 13 months instead of one year.

Premium plan: 60% discount. The premium plan costs 719.4$ under normal circumstances. However on cyber monday discount, it will cost you only 288 usd. Which means a discount of $432. The package will last for 13 months instead of only 12 too!

Which TradingView plan should you choose?

This is a really important question. The answer is simple too though! Obviously the best plan is the best one, but is it the right plan for you? To decide which plan you should go for, answer these questions:

  1. Are you a once in a while trader? or do you plan to spend a lot of time watching charts and doing day trading? If you will spend a lot of time trading, then it’s better to have a better and higher end plan at your disposal.
  2. Will you make more money than the package price when you will use it for trading? If yes then go for it! If no, then learn to trade more efficiently first and then hop on to a more expensive plan!


TradingView is one of the best charting tool out there, especially for crypto trading and chart analysis. If you are a serious trader then you should get tradingview plan asap. If you’re waiting for christmas discount, then I would recommend to not wait for it, as this cyber monday discount lasts for 13 months, which means it give you a free month till christmas too and then a year plan after that! So go for it! Besides there’s no surety about the discount that they will offer at christmas too!