BTC-E under DDOS is under DDOS attack right now. They’re running their requests through cloudflare DNS server, but still having the issue with the server’s overload.

BTC-e API not working

BTC-e api isn’t working either. Which shows probably one of these two things:

  1. The attack is on their API server (with or without main server)
  2. The API and main server are on the same machine, which they shouldn’t have been

These days many crypto exchanges are undergoing DDOS attacks. Coinbase had it too along with UrduBit and several others.

Site is not completely down

The site does load however, including sign in working fine too with google authenticator as 2 factor authentication.

However it’s slugging and gets unresponsive along the way after every few seconds.

Their twitter account shows that the site is under DDOS attack or overload for almost a week now.


Check the tweet on june 6th 2017 and now till 12th june 2017.

Let us know if btc-e is not working for you too or is it working in your region.

btc-e ddos site not working

Lets hope that the data remains intact and they have backups put on time! Also that the coins and currency of every individual remains protected on BTC-e during this massive attack!

Update 25 & 26 July 2017

BTCE is down since yesterday since the last dip started. The site is giving 522 error through cloudflare.

Many people are blaming it on them and calling it intentional like they do on coinbase whenever there is a dip so that people don’t buy coins at lesser price. Can be false though!