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We’re setting up a smoother and automated method of buying and selling bitcoins at We’re making sure that it complies with regulations related to bitcoin sale and purchase. We’re also aiming to make it the platform to buy bitcoin cheap and with minimum fees. Services to buy bitcoin We’re offering following services to buy … Continue reading Buy Sell Bitcoin

BTC-E under DDOS is under DDOS attack right now. They’re running their requests through cloudflare DNS server, but still having the issue with the server’s overload. BTC-e API not working BTC-e api isn’t working either. Which shows probably one of these two things: The attack is on their API server (with or without main server) The API … Continue reading BTC-E under DDOS

Is Scam? is an Estonia based team that claims to be a croudfunded website which aims to become a bitcoin bank (or cryptocurrency bank). Well, they might become that too, however my review is suspicious about the site.┬áLets get deep into it and see the reasons what make it unreliable. Here we will analyze the … Continue reading Is Scam?

4 Types of BitCoin Wallets

A lot of people are concerned about one very important question: What’s the best BitCoin wallet. Well, before finding out the best and the most secure bitcoin wallet, we need to first understand what are the different types of wallets available and how one is better than other. What is a BitCoin Wallet A BitCoin … Continue reading 4 Types of BitCoin Wallets

Chart reading basics

When I started crypto currency trading, I realized that this can’t be a wild guess game. Honestly speaking, I was always interested in figuring out patterns in almost everything around me since I was a kid. So I was happy to find out that there are charts available and patterns identification techniques too. However, many … Continue reading Chart reading basics