Future of CryptoCurrency

Last year a friend of mine was insisting me on buying OneCoin (yes I know it’s not crypto currency, keep reading). However I had to debate with him for long to explain to him how I don’t feel comfortable with it being controlled centrally and not having any open market value as such.

I explained to him that bitcoin is a better opportunity than onecoin and he should invest in it. Alas! I didn’t follow my own advice and didn’t purchase bitcoin at that time!

It was only until this year when I seriously looked into bitcoin and purchased some of it. To be honest, I truly felt that I was late in the market and might have missed the train. I hope I’m wrong!

Is Bitcoin and other CryptoCurrency market at its peak?

No! not even near that! I would say that not even 1%. How can you be sure? Ask the people around you. How many of them own bitcoin or any other crypto currency? I’m sure not even 1% do that. Take that to Africa and other backward areas and not even 0.01% owns them!

So apparently, at least 100 to 1000% jump is still waiting. But we can’t be sure how long it may take. As acquiring cryptocurrency also means that you acquire a digital device to store and manage it, apparently. However we can see it being fixed in future in one of the two ways, or more:

  • Introduction of regionally central bitcoin or crypto hubs or banks, which provide normal tenders to the local population, hence they don’t need to learn how to manage or use crypto
  • Spread of smart phones like a plaque

It’s a paradigm shift in the making. We were expecting the paradigm shift for long and today it’s beginning.

futrure of crypto currencies and bitcoin

Should we just buy bitcoins and wait?

No. I wouldn’t suggest that. And this is what this website is all about. We need to learn about currencies, world, crypto, technology, market and exchange.

The goal is to tripple the fiat investment and then take out 1 third, leaving us with our original investment back in fiat and then watching the crypto fly high. I know it feels more interesting to let all remain and not pull out initial investment, but it’s always best to take 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

Corporations are acquiring crypto

Microsoft and many other corporations are investing in crypto and thus it will expand the market. I know they’re not investing like most of us believe they do. They might not be buying the coins that we have in our wallet. However they’re investing in the technology, hence pushing it forward for sure.

Governments are panicing

Anything that confuses and panics the governments is something important for sure.

Many governments and banking systems have legalized bitcoin and crypto and have launched ATM’s even that let you withdraw from your bitcoin account directly.

However some countries are also banning them as they’re confused. Most of them run on the invisible slavery network and are threatened by anything that sets people free.


Don’t just buy crypto. Learn about it, and the future is yours.